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Kitting in St. Paul

Expert Kitting Services in St. Paul

KSP Fulfillment has been providing reliable kitting services to manufacturers in St. Paul for many years. Our team works hard to ensure that when manufacturers are ready to assemble a product, they have everything they need in one place. Our custom kitting solutions will improve production outputs, productivity, free up storage space, and reduce the risk of lost parts.

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What is Kitting?

Manufacturers run on tight production deadlines. The last thing they need is to have their employees running around a warehouse searching for component parts.

Kitting is a process in which the component parts of a product are brought together in one package. This package is called a kit. In some cases, a kit will include the pre-assembly of certain components. Kits are then delivered to manufacturing plants for the next stage in the assembly process.

Here’s an example. A manufacturer needs to produce 3,500 units in one day. The manufacturing plant only employs 25 workers. That means each worker will need to assemble 140 products for the day. That’s a lot of work. Now imagine each worker running around a warehouse to find all the component parts for those 140 units. It’s impossible! It’s also chaos, with parts going missing all over the place.

With custom kitting solutions from KSP Fulfillment, each employee would receive a partially assembled product and all the components for the final assembly. Kitting greatly increases the speed and efficiency of production.

Why is Kitting Important?

Kitting saves manufacturers a lot of time. And in the world of business, where time is money, manufacturers do not have any time to lose. Kitting reduces the overall time spent assembling and manufacturing complex mechanical products. It streamlines the whole process.

Kitting also improves logistics. All the parts are already there waiting to be assembled. That way, manufacturers only have to worry about their production operations. And if a manufacturer suddenly needs a production surge, kitting makes that possible. Signing up with KSP Fulfillment means that when you need to accelerate production, the logistics are already in place to do so.

How Can Custom Kitting Help Your Business?

On top of saving you time and ensuring logistical efficiency, KSP Fulfillment’s kitting services can be catered to the specific needs of your business. This is not a one-size-fits-all operation. We know that every manufacturer runs on a different schedule and has different needs.

We use a diverse range of trays that contain and separate every component part. This will speed up the assembly so that workers don’t even have to search the kit itself to find the specific components they need. Every element of our kits is designed to make it easier for your employees to hit their production quotas.

Our kits can be produced to suit the specific point of use on the assembly line. We take every aspect of the logistical situation into consideration. We know you’ll love the precision of our kitting solutions.

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